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End-time Prophecies

Few Christians will deny that we live in the end time, but how many of them are actually preparing themselves for what is going to happen? How many realize that judgment stands on the doorstep and that it begins with the house of God? (1 Peter 4:17) In the churches there is rarely, if ever, preached about it, whereas in this end time it should be the number one theme. The leaders of the churches also know little or nothing about it, because they have no revelation. This is because they have silenced the true prophets of God, to listen only to themselves and to the false prophets.
Apart from the churches there are theologians who study the end time and publish about it, but the explanations they give are largely based on guesswork and often contradict each other. And to make things even more confusing, the false prophets also tell their stories.
Here revelation is needed, directly from heaven, and also discernment. And God wants to give revelation, for He does nothing without revealing His counsel to His servants, the prophets (Amos 3:7). Thus He sent John the Baptist, in preparation for Yahushua's coming to earth. An angel of the Lord prophesied about him:

“He will go out before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the mind of the righteous, in order to prepare for the Lord a well-equiped people.” (Luke 1:17)

God gave the same promise for the end time:

“Behold, I send the prophet Elijah, before the great and dreadful day of Yahweh comes. He will take the hearts of the fathers back to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, that I may not come and strike the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4:5,6)

Now it is of the utmost importance to know who is the true end-time prophet sent by God. For in the past many have falsely claimed to be this new Elijah. And they have deceived many. Even today there are those who mistakenly believe that they are this end-time prophet promised by God. But no matter how many false prophets there are, the real one also exists, for God's Word does not fail: if God has promised a new Elijah, He will send him too. The fact that there are so many false ones makes it more difficult for the true Elijah to be recognized and accepted as such, and for the other people to recognize and accept him as such. Yet it is absolutely necessary for those called by God to prophesy when God has spoken, and for others to take note of God's message and to do what God asks in it, for who would not fear when the lion has roared? (Amos 3:7,8)

In order to be able to recognize the true prophet of God, one must know God's way of thinking and working: He chooses the smallest and weakest for the greatest ministries. Is it any wonder then that He chooses a woman as the new Elijah?

Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah has already received and passed on more than a hundred prophecies from the Lord relating to the end time. They are revelations that were previously sealed by God to be revealed in this end time. In these prophecies, the Lord gives precise and very important, not to say necessary, instructions and explanations about the rapture of the Bride, the great tribulation, the mark of the beast, the two witnesses, the antichrist, etc.
These prophecies can be listened to and/or read on the website of Elisabeth Elijah:

Elijah is the surname of Elisabeth. This is remarkable, although it is of course not in itself sufficient proof that she is indeed the new Elijah as she claims on the basis of many prophecies she has received from God. The proof lies in the content of the prophecies and the authority they radiate. God speaks through Elisabeth as He spoke through Moses and the Old Testament prophets. She is an instrument, the mouthpiece of God for this time. The sincere and purified in heart will acknowledge this and will be richly blessed by listening to or reading the prophecies, while those who allow sin and darkness into their lives will not recognize and accept the words of God as such, because they feel accused by them. The latter will come to know when it is too late for their salvation.

The ministry of the new Elijah that the Lord promised to send in Malachi 4:5 before the great and dreadful day of Yahweh comes, is absolutely necessary in this end time to prepare the children of God, Israel and the world for the coming judgment. The Lord, through this new Elijah, gives very concrete information, instructions and warnings, so that His children should not have to experience the time announced in the Bible as the most horrible time there has ever been on earth and will ever be on earth. The Lord also recalls that those who will worship the beast or its image and receive the mark of the beast, will follow the beast and the false prophet into the eternal lake of fire.

I certainly do not claim that Elisabeth Elijah is the only authentic prophet in this end time, but that she and no other is the new Elijah whose coming has been announced in the Bible. Since it is about God's authentic and specific revelation that is necessary for this end time, it is everyone's duty to take note of it and also to pass on the message, under penalty of being responsible and being held accountable for the suffering or downfall of themselves and others.

I acknowledge the ministry of Elisabeth Elijah and I have also my own ministry, which is different from that of Elisabeth. Both ministries are necessary for this end time.
Elisabeth has unmasked Linda Newkirk who also claims to be the woman of Revelation 12, as a false prophet. I do no if she t know if she has been revealed anything about the real woman of Revelation 12 or about the fact that the real one also exists.