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The Mark of the Beast

It is absolutely necessary in this end time to be well informed about the things that are about to happen, if we do not want to stand in front of a closed door when Yahushua comes to pick up his bride, like the foolish virgins of the parable told by Yahushua (Jesus) in Matthew 25:1-13. Those who ignore the Lord's warnings and do not take seriously their preparation for Yahushua's coming will have to endure the great tribulation. And when they are in the great tribulation, they will have to be well informed if they do not want to fall into the cunning trap with which Satan will try to give them the mark of the beast, so that they will be lost forever. Elisabeth Elijah has, among other things, received clear information from the Lord on this subject, which I will summarize here.

The mark of the beast is not the chip that is already being applied to people in America and elsewhere. It is connected with the worship of the beast and its image during the great tribulation. The beast (the antichrist) will reveal himself as “Jesus”. When at that time the Lord is called “Jesus”, it will be the antichrist who will respond. The Lord has very strongly emphasized that during the great tribulation He cannot and will no longer answer the prayers addressed to “Jesus”, because the antichrist will then operate under that name. He will only respond if He is called under His Hebrew name “Yahushua”. Of course, the Lord knows that we mean Him when we call on Him under the name “Jesus”, but, as said, during the great tribulation, they actually call on the antichrist under that name.

Because most Christians, despite the many warnings, do not realize that the revival that is currently raging around the world is a false revival in which the spirit of the antichrist is active, they will not see that it is not the Son of God, but the son of Satan who operates under the name of “Jesus”, when the antichrist reveals himself in their midst with miracles and signs. They will therefore obey willingly, deceived and blind as they are, when that false Jesus will make Sunday celebration obligatory, as the Lord says through Elisabeth. By obeying this command, one will surrender one's soul to Satan and receive the mark of the beast, thus dedicating oneself to the lake of fire and brimstone.

Whatever the mark of the beast may be (a chip, a tattoo or something else), it will be received by participating in the obligatory Sunday celebration of the organized churches and congregations, which will be under the direct influence of Satan, and where the beast will be worshipped as God under the name “Jesus”. Satan has long prepared his cunning trap to deceive the chosen ones in this end time: he has made that the keeping of the Sabbath, which according to the Bible is an eternal ordinance, has been replaced by the obligation to go to the Sunday Mass. Since then, most Christians have seen Sunday as the day of the Lord and not the Sabbath as determined by the Lord. It is therefore through Sunday celebration that Satan will be able to capture almost all of Christianity in his trap. They will accept the mark of the beast willingly because, deceived as they are, they believe they are doing a godly deed. This is the error that God sends to judge all those who have not loved the truth (2 Thessalonians: 2:11,12).