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Responsible publisher: J.A.F. Muysoms

The Name “Revelation 12”

The message that I have to bring is intended for the whole people of God.

The name of my website refers to the twelfth chapter of the Biblical book of Revelation. This book was written by the evangelist John at the end of the first century after Christ. It contains information from God, especially about what is going to happen to the church and the world in this end time.
The meaning of the events it describes has so far remained largely concealed, but is now more and more revealed as those events begin to unfold before our very eyes. Since this revelation is specially meant for our time, it is of utmost importance for us to become acquainted with it now. Our fate in the near future and in eternity is determined by the position we take now, by the choices we make now, and by the deeds we do or do not do now. In the book of Revelation we find the necessary guidelines to get safely through the time that comes. In my website the most important themes of the book of Revelation will gradually be discussed. The name of my website refers in particular to the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation, which describes the struggle between the dragon (the devil) and the delivering woman, and at the same time refers to the book I have written, entitled “The Woman of Revelation 12”.
In that book I show that the appearance of the woman described in Revelation 12 as “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head” (Revelation 12:1), is the fulfilment of God's promise after the fall of Adam and Eve, when He promised the serpent:
“I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed; it will crush your head” (Genesis 3:15).

In Revelation 12 that woman is described first in her divine identity, and then as a woman who is physically present on this earth, where she is engaged in the battle against the dragon. Although here, as in Genesis 3:15, there is talk of the woman (an individual) and her seed (her offspring), most interpreters do not see that woman as an individual. That is because they do not read the text objectively, but from their own limited understanding. They cannot imagine at all that God would send someone to earth in this end time with a special task that is necessary for the realization of His end-time plan, even though that figure is clearly announced in the Bible.

In my book “The Woman of Revelation 12” I show that I am that woman. Anyone who reads this book and studies the many prophecies quoted in it which have been spoken out for me (p. 88-182) will, if he is open to the truth, be convinced that I am indeed that woman, and will also know what my task is and realise how important that task is.

The enemy has now managed to make people believe that I am not wise, that I am arrogant, that I am delusional, that I am a false teacher and even that I am Satan in person. What people think or say about me is their own responsibility. Most people would rather believe the talk than try to really get to know me. However, anyone who has not even bothered to read my writings and approach me personally, will not be able to judge me properly.

There is a woman in America named Linda Newkirk who also claims to be the women of Revelation 12. I share Linda Newkirk's view that Revelation 12 is about an individual woman living on earth in this end time. But there can only be one the real one, and then every other one is a false one. The fact that a false one presents herself is in itself an indication that the real one also exists. But there is a real danger that, when the false one is exposed, the real one will no longer be trusted. And then Satan has succeeded in discrediting the woman whose offspring will crush his head.

The Lord has repeatedly instructed me to write down what He wanted to say to His people. This is how various writings have come about, which I have passed on to the leaders and many members of the Belgian congregations. However, they mainly resulted in resistance and persecution. But Yahushua (Jesus) says that a prophet is dishonered only in his homeland and among his relatives and in his house (Mark 6:4). Can I not expect to find children of God abroad who are willing to take note of the message I have to bring from God, who are able to recognize its authenticity and importance, and who have the courage and the zeal to follow it up properly?

Most of my writings are collected in my books :
  • Wie een oor heeft, die hore wat de Geest tot de gemeente zegt (He Who Has an Ear, Let Him Hear What the Spirit Says to the Church)
  • The Women of Revelation 12 (also Dutch and French edition)
  • Mijn decennialange strijd voor de zuiverheid van de christelijke Gemeente (My Decades-long Struggle For the Purity of the Church)

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